MGK Locked and Loaded

Being on tour can be tiring with few days off and lots of travel. Last week, Machine Gun Kelly had a day off show so we wanted to do something fun. We headed out to meet the crew and drive out to the desert and shoot some guns. Check out some of the pics from the weekend and stay tuned for the video coming soon…
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X-Games Success!

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Congrats to all of our familie that took home medals at X-Games! Safe to say that was a good way to start the summer!

-Elliot Sloan 2nd in Skateboard Big Air
-Manny Santiago 1st in Street League Select Series (skate)
-Twitch 1st in Best Whip
-Josh Hansen 3rd in Best Whip
-Libor Podmol 3rd in Step-up
-Pat Casey 2nd in BMX Park
-Bucky Lasek 1st Skate Vert
-Nyjah Huston 1st skate street
-Torey Pudwill 3rd skate street
-Jamie Bestwick 1st BMX vert
-Stevie McCann 3rd BMX vert
-Rob Adelberg 2nd Freestyle moto Goes Live!

meek webcast

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We launched last Friday with a live webcast of his concert in front of his hometown Philly crowd. The concert streamed out to millions, changing the game for future hip-hop concerts. Meek is on tour all month before he drops his Dreamchasers 3 mixtape in May. Head over to to get your exclusive gear and cruise into the Villa stores in Philly for Ethikas!

Tampa Pro Results

Tampa Pro web

The first skate contest of the year, the Tampa Pro, is a wrap. Congrats to Nyjah Huston for getting 2nd and Chaz Ortiz for grabbing 3rd. Next stop is the first global X-Games in Brazil later in April.

Full Finals Results
1. Luan Oliveira
2. Nyjah Huston
3. Chaz Ortiz
4. Paul Rodriguez Jr.
5. Austyn Gillette
6. Ishod Wait
7. Cody McEntire
8. Evan Smith
9. Sean Malto
10. Greg Lutzka
11. Felipe Gustavo
12. Max Genin