The Game

The Game has been hard at work on his 60 Days of Fitness program in Los Angeles recently. Shoutout to him for reppin’ on Instagram!
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We did it with Meek Mill and now it is the kid from Cleveland’s turn. We are proud to announce that we are going to be live streaming the Machine Gun Kelly concert live from Los Angeles this Tuesday May 7th. The best performer in hip-hop coming to a computer screen near you…
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Grenade Games Takes Over Mammoth!

Another Grenade Games is officially in the books. The army invaded Mammoth over the weekend for the end of the season party. With contests such as Chinese Downhill, Best Handplant, and Freestyle Moguls how can you not have fun? Special guests Lil Jon and NOFX also turned the volume up on the small Mountain town. Thanks to Danny Kass, Dingo, Tom Tom, Mason Aguire, Zak Hale, and the rest of our familie that made it up there! Check out some photos of the madness…

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MGK Locked and Loaded

Being on tour can be tiring with few days off and lots of travel. Last week, Machine Gun Kelly had a day off show so we wanted to do something fun. We headed out to meet the crew and drive out to the desert and shoot some guns. Check out some of the pics from the weekend and stay tuned for the video coming soon…
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