New Tdot Illdude Project

It’s been a minute since we last heard from Tdot Illdude. Tdot came through today and shared his last & final project under the name Tdot Illdude, before changing his name to Thomas Jude, appropriately titled The Last Illustration of Tdot Illdude by Thomas Jude.

Laced with 20 songs, the prelude to his forthcoming album, From The Depths, which drops in February via Capitol/Priority features guest appearances from Young N Fly, Porta Rich, Dre Skuffs, Phil Ade, and more. Meanwhile production is handled by the likes of Charlie Heat, Mando Fresh, and Joey Castellani, among others.

Available now on iTunes & other digital platforms, you can stream the last project under Tdot Illdude for free thanks to his soundcloud page below!